Launched new Big Data project to assemble, analyze, and publish $2b+ www.VerizonWireless.com performance and Marketing campaign data across all media, hosting and analytics vendors.

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To boost e-commerce and SEO for www.VerizonWireless.com
See how marketing has improved on Verizon’s website
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Launched new Big Data project to assemble, analyze, and publish $2b+ www.VerizonWireless.com’s performance and marketing campaign data across all media, hosting, and analytics vendors.
  • Platform:- Built an Oracle data warehouse to collect data from reporting platforms such as Omniture and back office customer data warehouse.
  • Media:- Included media data for TV, Search, Display, Print and Radio ad campaigns from external agencies like VMOne, Performics, AdAsia, AV&Co.
  • R:- Conducted statistical analysis with R using techniques such as Clustering and Segmentation.
  • SharePoint:- Published 200+ graphs reporting dashboard in SharePoint.
  • Funnel:- Mapped online customer journey to assign attribution and monitor critical data touch points.
  • KPI:- Tracked customer metrics such as Visits, Orders, Upgrades, and Churn.
  • Model:- Created revenue prediction models based on machine learning in R.

From The Client

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Jonathan Simpson
H.R. Frank Exclusive American Club

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